About RespiteMatch.com

RespiteMatch.com was born from the need to find a comprehensive source on the Internet for caregivers, nurses, LPN, CNA, mid-wives, physical therapists, occupational therapists, elder care, and other healthcare professionals to work in the home setting. RespiteMatch has search capabilities unparalleled in the industry. Users have the ability to search for specific healthcare skills or needs.

RespiteMatch offers a wide range of services and features. Visitors can browse the caregiver or patient profiles. Members can create a profile and receive notification if their profile is added to another individual’s MatchList at no charge. Subscribers have full access to all of the RespiteMatch features and services including MatchList notification, all contact information, DMV checks, Credit History checks, Criminal History checks, Employment History checks, Reference Checks and Surety Bonds.

No success searching yourself? Let us help with RespiteMatch Plus Services.

I am a 17 year survivor of ALS more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. I have vast experience with the ups and downs of home healthcare. In my personal search for qualified caregivers I have used all mediums, classified newspaper ads, referrals, nanny services and agencies, but rarely finding appropriate candidates. RespiteMatch allows caregivers to list specific healthcare skills, qualifications and experience while patients can list specific healthcare skills, qualifications and experience required in their care. Thank you for using RespiteMatch.

Best regards,
David Jayne
Homebound Solutions LLC

I just wanted to thank you for the great site. As a disabled person seeking a pca for the first time, your site was just the thing I was looking for. Thanks, Laurie Subscribe today and take advantage of all the RespiteMatch services including profile contact information.
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